Saturday, August 06, 2005

I couldn't resist this one. NB4C has announced some of its new shows for the 3rd quarter of 2005, which include Tutenstein: "In addition to the new shows, 'Tutenstein' will be brought back in the 3rd quarter. 'Tutenstein' revolves around an ancient ten-year-old boy king, Tut-Ankh-en-Set-Amun, who was mummified 3000 years ago and resurrected when his tomb was relocated to an American museum. In each episode, Tut believes he is still the Pharaoh and ruler of the world, and he learns about getting along with others and controlling his egocentric impulses . . . . In each story Tut and his sidekicks, Cleo and her cat, Luxor, have an adventure where the ancients are resurrected as allies or enemies in a conflict that takes place in modern times. Most of the socio-emotional lessons revolve around learning to plan, being less selfish, and considering the consequences of impulsive behavior. Cleo is usually the voice of reason for Tut, as she is the one who has to problem-solve their way out of each escapade they encounter".

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