Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Saving the Temple of Hibis
An artilce about savig the Temple of Hibis in Kharga Oasis: "Cintec manufactures structural reinforcement anchors [Newport, Wales, U.K.] from an ordinary looking office in the city centre - not the most glamorous of jobs, one might imagine. But for the past decade the Cintec team have been doing their bit for archaeology in ancient Egypt, stabilising mosques many hundreds of years old, after damage from the earthquakes of the early 1990s. And today they're in the middle of their most exciting venture yet: restoring the Temple of Hibis in the Kharga Oasis".
See the icWales web page, above, for more about the restoration of Hibis.


Anonymous said...

hopefully they will do a better job than the destruction caused by Egyptian attempts at "restoration" that all but destroyed the temple

Andie said...

I was at Hibis in 2002, and it was absolutely encased in scaffolding. Very sad to see.