Saturday, November 19, 2005

Art installation inspired by Petrie
In the cloisters of UCL, London (UK) Sarah Beddington has transformed a security guard's kiosk into an art installation, called the Panoptiscope. "It was commissioned to mark the move in 2008 of UCL's Petrie Museum from its current location in a former stables into a custom-built gallery in the college. This will allow fuller display of 80,000 Egyptian and Sudanese artefacts in the collection of William Flinders Petrie, the noted Egyptologist who lived in Cannon Place, Hampstead. Beddington made the kiosk as inscrutable as the warder's tower by installing opaque glass panels, but these have text etched in clear characters making a perhaps deliberately awkward peepshow when illuminated from within. The extracts come from records kept by Petrie during one year of the excavations of Lahun and also inscriptions on ant-eaten fragments of papyrus".
See the above Wood&Vale 24 website for full details and opening times.

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