Saturday, November 19, 2005

Egypt reveals its secrets
A good summary in the Orlando Sentinel of the contents of the Glories of Ancient Egypt exhibition, which opened yesterday at Daytona Beach: "The largest exhibit in the Museum of Arts and Sciences' 50-year history, a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts that includes three mummies and spans 4,200 years, opens today. Museum officials said they have waited two years to play host to Glories of Ancient Egypt because the exhibit is in such demand. Brown & Brown Inc., a national insurance company with headquarters in Daytona Beach, has sponsored the entire $250,000 exhibit. The artifacts, many taken from the excavated burial sites of pharaohs, minor officials and ordinary citizens, are on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Its ancient Egypt collection is the oldest in the United States and considered one of the best in the world". See the above website for a description of the exhibitions and the artefacts on display.

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