Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Ashmolean rebuild

"Behind its elegant façade, the state of Oxford's Ashmolean has long been an embarrassment - but a £49m rebuild is about to change that, says Giles Worsley. The Ashmolean in Oxford is one of the great museum buildings of the world and arguably the most sophisticated classical building ever erected in this country. But as a modern museum it fails lamentably". See this article on The Telegraph website for more. The article provides a real insight into the problems being experienced by this important museum and art gallery, and how they are being addressed.

The Ashmo has a relatively small but very fine Egyptology collection spread throughout four galleries. Particularly notable are the Predynastic and Amarna exhibits, as well as the wonderful Taharqa temple. Further details of their plans can be found at the Ashmolean's website:

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