Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Book Review: Egypt in Spectacular Cross-Section

Egypt in Spectacular Cross-Section by Stephen Biesty and Stewart Ross (Oxford) is aimed at readers from age 7-11 yrs. The Guardian's Education review is as follows: "At the time of Rameses II, a young boy takes a boat trip with his father down the River Nile. Together they journey to Amun-Ra's temple at Karnak, to the Valley of the Kings, and, via a step pyramid, make their way to the Nile delta and Rameses' palace at Piramesse. Cutaway illustrations slice through the detailed scenes to reveal how the sites were constructed, occupied and used. Chunks of text give background information about life and customs in ancient Egypt, while the tiny figures engaged in their day-to-day tasks provide human interest and occasional humour". See the above URL on The Guardian website for more.

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