Sunday, November 20, 2005

Disagreements at the SCA

Thanks for the following piece of news from Egypt passed on to me by a friend: Last week apparently saw disagreements between Dr Zahi Hawass (Secretary General of the SCA), Dr Abdel Maksoud ( Director General of the Antiquities of the Nile Delta, SCA) and Dr Mabrouk (the Director of the Museums Sector). Following these disagreements, Mabrouk was asked to leave the museums section, Maksoud was transferred to Upper Egypt and Usama EL-Katafani was put in Maksoud's position in the Delta. However, a few days later, the Minister of Culture – Farouk Hosni - transferred Maksoud back to his old position in the Delta, and it is believed that this u-turn has caused some consternation. More news will follow if I hear anything new.

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