Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today in 1995 - KV5

"Some further digging in what is believed to be Egypt's largest tomb has uncovered dozens of new rooms and some new corridors that could lead to the burial chambers of the sons of a powerful pharaoh who ruled from 1279 to 1212 B.C. . . . Earlier this year, professor Kent Weeks uncovered parts of what may be the largest tomb ever found in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Now, he's discovered two new corridors. 'These corridors, the two of them at the front of the tomb, descend in parallel downward, very steeply, at about a 35-degree angle, heading toward what we think are the burial chambers where the sons of Ramses II may have been originally interred,' Weeks said."
See the CNN archive article above for the full story.

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