Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Egyptian pottery identified

Thanks a million to Aayko Emya from EEF for pointing me at this article on the BBC website: "A box of pottery, long-untouched and undocumented, turned out to contain numbered items, many of them from the Middle Kingdom of 2040-1750 BC. The items were collected by the Egyptologist John Garstang at Esna, Upper Egypt, in the early 20th Century. The British Museum is to date and analyse the collection. The pottery came to light after an assistant keeper in the department of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan at the British Museum sent a request for information on Ancient Egyptian collections held by local museums." It is an odd place for the vessels to materialize, as the Hawick, in Scotland specializes in displays of the manufacturing and domestic life of the local area. See the above URL for the rest of the story.

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