Tuesday, February 21, 2006

KV-63 ongoing

A short piece about team member Earl Ertman and the work being carried out at the site: "Ertman and other team members will move slowly into the single chamber, cleaning, photographing and cataloging everything as they go. So precise should the work be that they can put everything back where they found it. . . . Unfortunately, team members can see several termite trails near the wooden sarcophagi, even though they were covered with a black resin that was supposed to protect them. Conservators will determine what can be done to preserve the sarcophagi; staff will reconfigure bits and pieces of pottery into complete-as-possible vessels. Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities will determine what will happen to all of the finds. Probably, Podzorski said, they will go to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Some pieces may eventually go on tour."

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