Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Identifying the Hyksos

Georgeos Díaz-Montexano escriptólogo y egiptólogo amateur, ha conseguido identificar los nombres de los reyes hicsos como pertenecientes al grupo de lenguas y dialectos proto-griegos o micénicos. El verdadero origen étnico de los misteriosos hicsos . . . . ha sido siempre un verdadero reto para los egiptólogos. No obstante, es que los Hicsos serían pueblos semitas, fundamentalmente habitantes de la franja costeras sirio-palestina, o sea, canaanitas o proto-fenicios. . . . Díaz-Montexano ahora ha conseguido identificar con un mayor grado de aproximación los seis nombres de los reyes hicsos, y sus equivalente casi exactos se hallaban justamente en dialectos indoeuropeos proto-griegos."
Rough Translation: Georgeos Díaz-Montexano, scriptologist and amateur Egyptologist, has managed to identify that the names of the Hyksos kings belong to the same group of languages and dialects as proto-Greek or Mycenaean. The true ethnic origin of the mysterious Hyksos, . . . . has always been a real puzzle for Egyptololgists. However, long held conventional wisdom has believed that the Hyksos were Semitic, from the coastal areas of the Levant, Canaanites or proto-Phoenicians . . . . Díaz-Montexano has now managed, with improved accuracy, to identify the six names of the Hyksos kings, and their equivalents are alsmost exactly the same in Indoeuropean and proto-Greek dialects".

The full analysis of how he came to this conclusion continues in Spanish at the above website, or can be found in translation (also quite rough) at the following web address, on the General Stuff forum on the Rowley-Regis website:
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Anonymous said...

You can not believe a single word of this person, Montexano is a very dark person with a lot of shit in Internet. He has a kind of sectarism organizations with non historical interest:

This is the web of his business




Georgeos claims to have performed a great deal of work either through, or for, the S.E.C. The S.E.C. is an acronym for "la Sociedad Espeleologica de Cuba" (the Speleological Society of Cuba). He has also claimed to have performed a great deal of work either through, or for, the A.C.C. The A.C.C. is an acronym for "la Academia de Ciencas de Cuba" (the Academy of Science of Cuba).

As SkinWalker so astutely pointed out in his posting, Georgeos never mentions that he has earned a degree, he only states that he studied Archaeology and History at the S.E.C.; this could merely mean that he had an opportunity to observe paleolithic remains whilst on a cave "spelunking" trip. And what "Society" do you guys know that offers degrees in Archaeology and History? If he would actually have earned a degree in any of the fields that he has named (archaeology, history, anthropology, palaeolinguistics, epigraphy, linguistics, & scriptology), he would have studied them at the A.C.C. - NOT at the S.E.C.

Anyway, I have sent an e-mail to the president of the S.E.C. and asked if he remembers either a Georgeos Diaz Montexano or a Jorge Diaz Sanchez having any association with the S.E.C. from 1988-1993. I await his response.

Furthermore, Georgeos lists Epigraphy and Palaeolinguistics as topics he has studied; he then lists both the International Epigraphic Society and the Barry Fell Foundation of Harvard University as if he studied at these two locations. What is really funny about this, however, is if you go the Harvard University webpage and do a search for the Barry Fell Foundation, it returns 0 results! In fact, I can't find ANYTHING on any Barry Fell Foundation. The Midwest Epigraphic Society is based here in Columbus, Ohio and I will be contacting them soon to ask about Georgeos' claims, as well.

I am currently researching and trying to obtain a list of the 1991 "Carlos de la Torre National Award" recipients, and when I do, I'll wager his name is not on it! If not, you can rest assured that I will be posting a copy of this in the Atlantis Rising Forum!

The excavations he claims to have been on were probably just in a volunteer capacity, and as such he would have been hauling and sifting bucket after bucket of excavated material (dirt) - NOT carefully revealing archaeological treasures with a patiche and brush!

All of the "Journals" he claims to have founded, and "Projects of Exploration and Investigation" he claims to have conducted, appear to be nothing more than his own "creations" - listed for the express purpose of "impressing" people.

Lastly, and most humorously (I believe), is his claim of being a "linguist", and yet, in almost all of the languages he professes to be able to translate and read, he lists his skill level as "basic"! In not one language does he even claim to have an "Intermediate" skill level, except in Ancient Egyptian, and his knowledge of hieroglyphics does not stand in testament to that claim.

Why did he change his name from Jorge Diaz Sanchez to Georgeos Diaz Montexano, I wonder?

It is possible that much of what he has written in his background is comparable to a job resume (slightly exaggerated to make himself look more important than he really is - no real harm there), but there are portions of his background page that are downright misleading and other portions that (I believe) are just plain misrepresentative and fraudulent. I believe that I will eventually be able to prove that he is a fraud, and when I do I'll let you all know. Andre and NileQueen, I will post the evidence of his fraudulence in the Atlantis Rising Forum for all there to read.


He usses a lot of diferent nicks in the forums to support himself and always fells like a victim of a conspiration,

Anonymous said...

For deducing the 'greek' names of the hyksos he uses the 'greek' names put by Manetho... of course he deduces the hyksos were 'greek'...

Pseudoscience once more,

arabisraelites said...

NO Egypt text identifies any enemy as Hyksos.. find the word Hyksos
NO Egyptian text states Hyksos ruled any part of Egypt, nor that Avaris was the Hyksos capital
Egyptian text does state that they fought different battles at different times.
In that text it does not say any ruled northern Egypt but if you read the text they use, you will see that the writer stated that an Egyptian king ruled upper and lower Egypt.

The Hyksos caper comes from, trying to prove Israelites ruled Egypt.
I welcome any contributions, challenges or questions on this topic

Because I have lots of pictures I divided the blog into one post at a time. If you are into the Hyksos caper, start here
then at the bottom of each page, click on newer post