Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

http://tinyurl.com/llop5 (The Courier-Mail)
"The Queensland Museum launched its show Life and Death in Ancient Egypt yesterday, cashing in on the enduring fascination with Egyptian mummies.It follows the story of Keku, a rich young woman who died in Thebes 2700 years ago. It took about 70 days to prepare her body for the afterlife, and every step of the way, from mummification to the spells adorning her sarcophagi, was aimed at helping her transition through the treacherous underworld to the afterlife. . . . The show features a mummified head, feet and hand, animal remains, amulets, spells and detailed papyrus funerary texts from the Book of the Dead (rules for the afterlife), jewellery and extravagantly decorated sarcophagi. Keku lived a well-to-do life about 660BC and was in her early 20s when she died, most likely from disease."
See the above web page for the full story.

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