Thursday, February 23, 2006

KV 63 web links

A round-up of some of the most useful resources for KV63 for those struggling to keep track of the most useful websites. Others will doubtless become available when the excavation has finished and the details become available for official publication. The Theban Mapping Project website, for example, will doubtless be an excellent resource at that time.

KV63 on the University of Memphis website
The University of Memphis page dedicated to the KV63 excavation, with a list of links to news articles and photographs, together with brief details of the team.

KV63 Blog
A blog written by Sharon Nichols, one of the student team members from the KV63 excavation, with as-it-happens accounts of the dig.
The dedicated website for KV63, currently under construction, as of February 2006.

National Geographic Summary (National Geographic)
A good summary of the find immediately after its discovery in early February 2006

KV63 Location
Some annotated photographs showing the site's location on the EEF website.

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