Thursday, February 23, 2006

Luxor News

Some news items by Jane Akshar on her Luxor News Blog

The Temple of Mut
First, Jane has been lucky enough to visit the Temple of Mut, next to Karnak, where excavations are being carried out by two teams: " I had to get special permission from the SCA and felt a bit like Prime Minister Chamberlin with my bit of paper in my hand. It certainly worked it’s magic. The dig inspector was expecting me and conducted me round the site."

Lecture by Jose M Galan
Second, a summary of a recent lecture by Jose Galan at the Mummification Museum in Luxor: "They have been excavating TT11 the tomb of Djehuty and TT 12 the tomb of Hery. These two tombs are connected at the transverse rooms yet at the front are separated by TT399. The tomb was recorded by Champollian in 1829 and shows whippet like dogs hunting in the desert and a superb funnery scene where the mummy of the deceased is being transported across the Nile by boat." See Jane's full summary, above.

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