Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More re Amenhotep III temple statues
"One of the goddess statues is made of granite, the other diorite, while the head is granite.The lower legs of one of the goddess statues were broken off, while only the upper body of the other was discovered. War goddess Sekhmet embodied the cruel powers of the sun, and was also responsible for both curing and causing illness. One of the Sekhmet statues, made of granite and about 150cm high, was holding a symbol representing life and a scroll of papyrus. "It's extremely beautiful. Only the feet are missing and the base," said Sourouzian, the German-Armenian director of the international conservation team which found the statues. The excavation team believe the statues were excavated from elsewhere, then hidden at a temple in Luxor either for later sale or to protect them from robbers. None of the statues belonged in the area where they were buried, Sourouzian said, leading her to believe they were deliberately moved and hidden for later retrieval."
See the above article for the full story.

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