Saturday, March 11, 2006

Amateur speculation re KV63

A comment posted in response to an earlier link to the online pages of Georgeos Diaz-Montexano questioned the qualifications of the writer, but since the Diaz-Montexano describes himself as an amateur Egyptologist, and follows his ideas with clear reasoning and explanatory photos, I see no reason not to include his speculations, which might be of interest and are anyway quite fun. His latest online thoughts include the possible presence of a pharaonic cartouche on one of the tomb's vessels: "The exaustive analysis of the photos has also allowed to appreciate what it seems imprint of a real seal or 'pharaonic cartouche' on one of the jars. Georgeos Diaz thinks that the pharaonic seal finding is highly probable in some of the jars, that could help to identify to the individuals or at least the historical time with a greater approach."
This has translation-engine written all over it, but you get the gist. If you speak spanish and want to read more, the second URL is by far the better bet.
He also suggests that the join lines along coffin of the child indicate that it is a secondary burial, and that the lack of canopic jars could be explained by use of the vessels in the tomb as alternatives to canopic jars. All harmless speculation, some thoughts more plausible than others, and the actual story will come out in time as Dr Schaden's team find out more.

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