Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Discovering Tutankhamun - the movie
"Paramount Pictures has acquired the pitch King Tut from screenwriter Neil Crawford for studio-based Lorenzo di Bonaventura to produce, says Variety. The story is described as an action-adventure/romance film, loosely based on Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's treasures in 1922 Egypt.At the studio, the project is being overseen by production co-president Brad Weston and executive Dan Levine."
This is the full item on the Coming Soon website. For anyone wanting to find out more about this from the Variety website, you will need to subscribe to the site to access the story.

Downloadable PC Game: Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery
"Reflexive is proud to announce the release of its newest PC game Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery. This spellbinding new puzzler from Reflexive Entertainment takes players back in time to Ancient Egypt and the world of the Pharaohs. Working their way up through Egyptian society, players explore the Catacombs of King Tut and piece together ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs as they uncover the truth behind the mysterious death of King Tut in a stunning mystery-puzzle adventure. . . . .With over 300 Ancient Hieroglyphs for players to decrypt, unique Power-Ups to unearth, and a murder-mystery plot to decipher, Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery is a fun and mesmerizing blend of puzzle-pieced excitement and intense game play that will appeal to players of all ages. Further information as well as game downloads can be found at and through Reflexive Arcade at"

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