Friday, March 17, 2006

IVth Central European Conference of Young Egyptologists
It is a pleasure to publicise the above conference, with year being held in Budapest from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September 2006. See full details on the website, above, but here's an extract: "The aim of the conference series initiated in 1999 is to provide opportunity for the region’s doctoral students and young colleagues to present their work and discuss the current state of Egyptological research in these countries. It is also an excellent occasion for reports and presentations about excavation projects pursued in Egypt. Papers are invited on any aspect of Egyptology (archaeology, history, religion, language, literature, museology, etc.) Moreover, as the conference is dedicated to the memory of our professor Ernö Gaál, the topics related to his study field are extremely welcome. The presentations are planned to last 30 minutes (20 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes discussion)."

Afterwards their intention is to compile and publish a proceedings volume of the papers presented at the conference.

UPDATE: Thanks very much to everyone who emailed/posted to let me know that I had typed in December instead of September. As Carolin said - it would have made for the world's longest Egyptology confererence!


Anonymous said...

2 of September...

Andie said...

Many thanks for the correction - I've changed it now.

Unknown said...

It was me, Paula Veiga. I'm the one from Portugal also organizing the II International Congress for Young Egyptologists at Lisbon on October this year.
I am going to Oxford Cre2006 in April and will apply to Budapest in August too.
I read your blog everyday...Thanks!

Andie said...

Hi Paula

I'm also going to CRE - I hope to see you there! I haven't looked at the abstracts yet - are you going to be presenting?
Good luck with the Lisbon conference arrangements and let me know if you want me to post anything about it.

Lovely to hear from you