Friday, March 17, 2006

KV63 blog updated

Sharon Nichols is back in Egypt and has updated her blog. Here's an extract, but see the blog for her latest news: "When we were going through the jar contents, I did get a chance to learn another excavation skill: registration. This season, we'll be removing things from the tomb, opening jars, etc - but basically labling, bagging, conserving, and storing. At some point in the future, we'll have a 'study season,' at which time we'll actually study what we found. Of course, we all have theories right now - but logical conclusions can only happen when all the information has been collected and processed. So, last week, I helped the other registrars (Betty and Roxanne) with registering the contents of the jars. And it's a lot of work!"
Nice to have her back.


Anonymous said...

Andie, this is a new response to her link:


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Lady Boo said...

I got on it yesterday, but not today, Friday. Wonder what's wrong, her posting was so up beat.

Anonymous said...

yes, I got, "forbidden" too this morning, (and was deeply hurt!!)but now can get in again this evening .... to observe that the 'welcome back' comment I left yesterday has completely disappeared. These are not new technical problems, yesterday Sharon's blog was coming up "blog maintenance", and the day before that, "server maintenance" .... Sharon's blog seems like a very sick puppy, so just keep trying ??

Jen, UK

Andie said...

I was having problems myself yesterday with this blog - it could be that the Blogger service was either having difficulties or I missed a scheduled maintenance warning. It may be that Sharon had the same sort of problems.