Friday, March 10, 2006

KV63 lecture by Otto Schaden

Jane to the rescue! Otto Schaden's lecture at the Mummification Museum in Luxor yesterday has been captured by Jane Akshar on her blog, above:
"The reason for the confusion over the number of coffins was because 5 were all they could see from the doorway but once they got inside they saw 2 more. So there are 7 coffins, 4 are in a really bad state of repair. Most are covered in black resin and there are not inscription visible. There is significant termite damage.
The first 2 coffins are open and there are no signs of mummies, they appear to be filled with odds and ends, natron bandages however some of the other coffins are closed and their contents are unknown at present.
The identity of the coffins is totally unknown, it is possible they were added to over a series of time, it might be an embalmers cache or an important family all options are open at this time.
The conservators are at work trying to stabilise the first 2 coffins and as yet the team can not look at the others until these are out of the way."

There is lots of new information captured by Jane from the lecture. See the above URL for her complete notes. Huge thanks to Jane for getting these notes online so promptly.

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