Monday, April 10, 2006

Discoveries at Tel el-Farkha (
Another one missed from last week. I've added the Science and Scholarship in Poland website to my list of sites to check daily, so hopefully items like the Dakhleh elephants and this one won't slip through again:
"Two intact tombs from the first dynasty period, clay models of granaries and the oldest 'writer's palette' are among the most recent discoveries made by Polish archaeologists in Tell el-Farcha in the Eastern Nile Delta. The golden-plated figurines from before 5 thousand years found recently have been transported to the Eyptian Museum in Cairo. Further excavations resulted in unearthing two tombs, archaeologist Piotr Kołodziejczyk said. The excavations are carried out by Polish Expedition in cooperation with the Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology. One of the uncovered tombs (ca. 3050-2900 BC) contained a skeleton, clay pottery and vessels of sandstone and alabaster. The other tomb several dozen older contained 25 clay vessels.'The discovery confirms the role of Tell el-Farcha as one of the major centres of the state of the pharaohs that was formed at that time. This changes the to-date views of the role of the inhabitants of the Nile Delta in the establishment of Egyptian monarchy,' the Pole believes."

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