Monday, April 10, 2006

Quarryscapes website updated
This is a completely fascinating website describing a conservation project that is dedicated to the ancient quarries of the Eastern Mediterranean. The above news item focuses on a survey the remarkable Faiyum projects in Egypt, Widan el Faras (basalt) and Umm es-sawan (gypsum). The site is full of great information and excellent photos, with a description of what the project is about, another on what value the study of quarries brings to our knowledge of a given region, and a section dedicated to the Egyptian quarries at Aswan, and the southeastern Western Desert. The Eastern Desert and Nile Valley pages have yet to be updated, but there is a useful page looking at the application of GIS to quarryscapes in Egypt.
See the above site for more, and thanks to Per Storemyr for bringing it to my attention.

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