Friday, April 14, 2006

Hawass Dig Days: KV63
Zahi Hawass's Dig Days column on the Al Ahram website this week features KV63, the newly discovered shaft and chamber in the Valley of the Kings. This is part 1 of an item which is scheduled to be continued: "The story of this discovery began last year, when Schaden wrote to me to say he had found a shaft located near the tomb of Amenmesse of the 19th Dynasty (KV 10). Amenmesse's tomb had been discovered long ago, but Schaden had worked for many years on cleaning and recording it. He never dreamed of working outside the tomb, since this was not part of his concession. However, his luck changed last year when the Inspector of Qurna came to see him and asked him to clean the area around KV 10's entrance as part of a planned Supreme Council of Antiquities project to protect the valley from flooding. While doing so, and purely by accident, Schaden came across the top of this shaft."
See the above article for the full story.

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