Friday, April 14, 2006

More re the Gospel of Judas

Nevine El-Aref describes the Gospel, its discovery and the background to its return to Egypt: "The gospel of Jesus's favourite disciple, Judas, was on show yesterday in Washington's National Geographic Museum before its return to Egypt where it was found 30 years ago. The fragile codex -- made up of 13 papyrus leaves -- has been restored with a two-million-dollar fund from the National Geographic Society (NGS) and the Waitt Institute for Historical Discovery. Its most recent owners, the Basel-based Maecenas Foundation for Ancient Art (MFAA), will now hand the codex over to the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo."

Thanks very much to Jen Mason for the information that the full translation of the codex is available on the National Geographic website, and includes comprehensive background information and a photograph of the codex prior to its restoration:

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