Thursday, May 11, 2006

Exhibition: Underwater Egyptology

"The lost world of Cleopatra’s palaces has been dug out of the muddy Mediterranean sea bed by a man dubbed the Underwater Indiana Jones. The results of Franck Goddio’s excavations, comprising 500 priceless finds that shed light on 1,500 years of ancient history, will be put on public view today for the first time. President Mubarak of Egypt will open the exhibition in Berlin, and it will later transfer to Paris and London and eventually to a specially prepared site in Egypt."
For full details about the exhibition see the above page on The Times website.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Andie,

here you'll find the website of the berlin exposition

and the website of Franck Goddio

I'll personnally wait until these marvelous pieces come in Paris.

Best Regards
Alain Guilleux