Wednesday, May 10, 2006

KV63 Update

The KV63 website has been updated with some more news: "Coffin G (the Youth Coffin) was bought up successfully. The coffin appears very solid and in good condition (no termite damage). The coffin does possess a very exquisite painted face. Of particular interest is the resin-coated underside of the lid, this is indeed unusual, and possibly points to an effort to conceal decoration and/or text. Lid fragments, a side panel, and the mask from Coffin B were also removed from the chamber this week."
See the KV63 website for some details of the contents of Coffin B, and extracts from the Archaeology magazine article about KV63.

The full Archaeology article is now available on the KV63 website at the following address under the Archaeology Institute of America link:
Alternatively, it can also be found on the Archaeological magazine website at:

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