Friday, June 23, 2006

Book Review: The BM Concise Introduction - Ancient Egypt

"T G H James's The British Museum Concise Introduction: ANCIENT EGYPT has now been published in a paperback edition which makes for a concise yet comprehensive and up-to-date survey which is easy to handle, writes Jill Kamil. . . . It takes a scholar like T G H James, retired keeper of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan in the British Museum, with his long and intimate association with Egypt and Egyptian monuments, to produce a work of this calibre. James has witnessed a remarkable growth in popular interest in Egypt during that time, and he has, in addition, what all too few scholars possess -- a talent for writing a text that is interesting and which makes for easy browsing."
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Anonymous said...

Dutch student finds tomb in Egypt

A student of botanical archeology of Groningen university, Jeroen van Rooij, during a trip for study in Egypt accidentally found a still unknown tomb.

The tomb was probably made for a rich Egyptian from the eighteenth dynasty period, about 1400 BCE, Van Rooij states from Egypt.

The student found the tomb as he and three others during a desert trek stopped below a small hill.

When Van Rooij climbed the hill, he found four deep holes on top.

One of these holes turned out to lead to a big tomb.

See more here.