Saturday, August 19, 2006

Book Reviews

Update 20:08 - Thanks to Chris Townsend, my official nitpicker, for pointing out that these reviews actually date to April 2006. I've left them in, on the offchance that anyone missed them back in April, but apologies to those who have seen them before. Andie.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx
"Bursting with full-color photographs and drawings, this beautifully illustrated book serves as a wonderful introduction to these royal monuments. The straightforward text explains the history and significance not only of the famous Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, but also of the lesser-known tombs that stretch from Saqqara to Meidum and Dashur. The Pyramids and the Sphinx draws on the most recent archaeological findings to lead the reader on a discovery of the most fascinating aspects of Egyptian civilization".

40 Pyramids of Egypt and their Neighbors
"40 Pyramids, Sonbol’s latest self-published tome, is a reasonably daring enterprise in a time when the nation seems to be showing disinterest in books of this format. But Sonbol, an established photographer who is probably best known for being his generation’s top professional specializing in capturing ballets and other High Art performances on film, plunges on.
Here, though, there is a dramatic shift in interest as he primarily focuses on architecture. Not just any old form of architecture, but the masterpieces of Ancient Egypt surrounded with grandeur and mysticism.

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