Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Expedition Magazine - Summer Issue

Expedition's summer edition (Volume 48, Number 2, Summer 2006). Highlighted items are available on the website, in PDF format. Others are not available online.

Meet the Curators--Holly Pittman
Museum Mosaic--People, Places, Projects
Research Notes--Finding the Original Home of the Museum's Brahma

The Excitement of First Discovery--South Abydos 1899-1903 (Kei Yamamoto)
David Randall-MacIver--Explorer of Abydos and Curator of the Egyptian Section (Jennifer Houser Wegner)
Beneath the Mountain-of-Anubis--Ancient Egypt's First Hidden Royal Tomb (Josef Wegner)
Borrowed Legacy--Royal Tombs S9 and S10 at South Abydos (Dawn McCormack)
Food Fit for the Soul of a Pharaoh--The Mortuary Temple's Bakeries and Breweries (Vanessa Smith)
Echoes of Power--The Mayor's House of Ancient Wah-Sut (Josef Wegner)
Egypt's Well-To-Do--Elite Mansions in the Town of Wah-Sut (Nicholas S. Picardo)
A Tale of the Bones--Animal Use in the Temple and Town of Wah-Sut (Stine Rossel)

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