Thursday, August 10, 2006

Theban Mapping Project

The Theban Mapping Project have emailed out their August 2006 Progress Report, complete with updates and photographs. A web version appears on the above page. There's a short update re KV5 (the total number of chambers found has now reached 128), but the main topics are the Valley of the Kings site management, the Valley of the Kings Visitor Centre, and Digitial Photography. The digital photography section lists the tombs for which photographic records have now been completed (which will be added to the TMP website soon), and looks at some of the important associated work that goes into making this digital record: "The photographic survey was part of a detailed conservation report on each tomb that notes current conditions and potential problems, and includes historical data that allows one to trace the changing state of KV tomb decoration and structural conditions. We believe that it is absolutely essential to have such a survey before any work (such as new tourist facilities, new lighting, or cleaning) is conducted in the tombs".
See the above page for full details.

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