Friday, August 25, 2006

Ramesses II - on the move at last
The statue of Ramesses II is on the move in Cairo: "It is being moved overnight to a site near the pyramids outside Cairo. Tens of thousands of people have been watching the colossus move through the city at a stately pace on two flatbed trucks. It is being transported in one piece. A steel cage has been built around the statue to hold it steady. The head of Ramses, protruding from the protective steel, has been wrapped in plastic and thick padding, but its face is visible to the crowds lining the streets to watch as it floats by."
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"The statue is being transferred in one piece during a high-risk operation through the streets of the capital on a 90ft (27m) motorised convoy. . . . The convoy will take the statue 35km (21 miles) to its new home at the Grand Egyptian Museum. A planned ceremony was cancelled because of the violence in Lebanon."

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