Monday, September 25, 2006

Activities supporting Petrie exhibition

Five page feature (easiest to read in printer friendly format), providing a list of activities and lectures which have been timed to support the touring exhibition Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries From the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London, currently at the Flint Institute of Art. I don't normally list events linked to exhibitions, because they are so localized to the town concerned, but this is just a great insight into how much interest and involvement can be generated with a bit of organization and imagination, when there is a good catalyst like a top rate exhibition:
"Even if you can't see mummies on display, area institutions are offering plenty of fascinating activities, events and exhibits related to ancient Egypt. From an exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts on the excavations of the world's first archaeologist to films, music, planetarium and family programs, the public will get a bird's eye view of Egypt. The events are organized by the FIA, the American Arab Heritage Council and a host of other organizations. You can experience a chariot ride, courtesy of Kettering University students' engineering skills, and help construct a 6-foot mummy at the Children's Museum of Flint."
See the above pages for the full list.

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