Tuesday, September 26, 2006

KMT Fall 2006

I am not sure how long the Fall (autumn) edition of KMT has been out (Volume 17, No.3) - I don't recall seeing a mention of it anywhere else. The contents can be found at the above page, together with a cover image, but are included below as well:

UNRAVELING THE MYSTERIES OF KV63 (KMT Exclusive by Earl Ertman, Roxanne Wilson & Otto Schaden - Challenging Clearence of the Newest Tomb in the Valley of the Kings)
LADY IN THE LARGE EARRINGS (by Dennis Forbes - Nefertiti's Rival, Royal Wife Kiya) BUBONIC PLAGUEIN THE REIGN OF AMEENHOTEP III (by Arielle Kozloff - Evidence of Less Than Idyllic Time)
TRACES OF EGYPT AT HADRIAN'S VILLA (by Lucy Gordon-Rastelli - A New Exhibition at Tivoli in Italy)
BERLIN'S ÄGYPTISCHES MUSEUMUND PAPYRUSSAMLUNG (by Aidan Dodson & Diane Hilton - The Past, Present & Future of Germany'sPremier Egyptian Collection)
IBSEN & EGYPT (Norway's Greatest Playwright & PoetTravels the Nile in 1869 - by Donald P. Ryan & Claudia Berguson)

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