Friday, September 15, 2006

Electronic Ancient Egypt Magazine

Excellent news from Bob Partridge, Editor of Ancient Egypt Magazine: The August/September issue of "Ancient Egypt" magazine is now available as an electronic version. The issue is available as a pdf file and a broadband connection is reccommended to access the file easily. A "sample" set of pages from this issue is also available (where broadband is not so critical).

Visit the web site at the above address for details of how to access the electronic version and the cost.

All future issues of the magazine will be available this way and it is the intention, over a period of time, to make all the back issues available too as pdf files too.

This will, hopefully, be of special interest to those abroad (outside the UK) who may in the past have experienced difficulties in obtaining the magazine or to those who are not happy to pay the high postal charges to overseas addresses.

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