Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Trivia

Ankh finds life in North America
News that an Egyptology-based game to be launched shortly in North America: "North Americans will soon get their first look at Ankh, the 3D comic adventure first released throughout Europe earlier this year, as publisher Viva Media announced that the game has shipped to retailers. Although taking place in the familiar setting of ancient Egypt, the game is anything but the usual dry, dusty interpretation of such a fascinating time and culture. Instead, the game is a bright, humourous romp in and around Cairo, filled with bizarre characters and wacky obstacles."
A 2-page review of the game can be found on the same site at:,611
(some of the graphics are shown on the second page)

The official website for the game, for which you will need an up to date version of the Flash plug-in, is at:

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