Monday, July 23, 2007

Exhibition: Copy of Tut’s Wardrobe on Summer Tour

Thanks very much to Ottar Vendel who has sent me details of the above exhibition in Sweden. The museum's pages are all in Swedish (quite reasonably!) but Ottar has provided some details in English:

The Museum of Lodose 40 km north of Gothenburg in Sweden has during this summer an exhibitions showing duplicates of the clothing found in Tutankhamon's tomb. The original garments have been examined by the Weaving Faculty at the University College of Boraas ( and the ancient technique was copied when making the new versions. Material and dying has been made by the same stuff as used by the old Egyptians, and the result has been as close to the originals as can possibly be.

The exhibition has already opened and will run until 30th September 2007


Unknown said...

Is there any chance of this exhibit traveling elsewhere in the future? Say, to the other side of the Atlantic?


Andie said...

This looks very much like a home-only exhibition rather than one that was created to travel outside Sweden, particularly because they are using replicas and not original items. It is expensive to move exhibitions around, and there is still a bias amongst exhibition visitors in favour of seeing original items rather than copies.