Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book Review: Tutankhamun's Cook Book

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Tutankhamun's Cook Book - ancient Egyptian recipes
A new cook book featuring ancient Egyptian food recipes is released. “Tutankhamun’s Cook Book” is a beautiful and delicious study of food history.

This unique and beautiful book is bursting with ancient Egyptian and culinary treasures. “Tutankhamun’s Cook Book” is the first of a new concept of popular and colourful cook books, “Cooking the Past”, based on accurate historical evidence. Every page is alive with images of Tutankhamun that combine with fascinating dishes to tempt even the most conservative food lover.

The result of extensive research, Jackie Ridley has brought together a series of mouth-watering ancient Egyptian dishes, specially adapted for today. They are easy to cook and delicious and exotic to eat. Each is good on its own but can be prepared to form an exciting ancient Egyptian meal. A feast fit for a pharaoh!

“Tutankhamun’s Cook Book” is a study of ancient Egyptian food, from earliest times until the Roman period. Although small in size the book is packed with facts, combining the author’s knowledge of Egyptology with her passion for good food. It contains rare ancient Egyptian recipes and a research on the food history.

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