Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Who stole King Tut's crown jewels?

Daily Mail (Glenys Roberts)

An old story, but presumably resurrected to coincide with the various travels of Tutankhamun:

Now aided by modern science, the present Earl of Carnarvon, greatgrandson of the ill-fated explorer who spent £2million of the family fortune on exhuming the king, has embarked on a quest to piece together the true story of the boy's life and death.

The extraordinary findings are revealed in a TV documentary which also brings to light that, though the hapless pharaoh was discovered intact, his grave has been mysteriously violated since Carter's dramatic find 85 years ago.

Not content with hacking out his ribs, someone in modern times - most likely the Second World War, when the tomb was unguarded - has also removed Tutankhamun's penis.

To understand why, it is first necessary to appreciate the new findings about the pharaoh himself.

See the above for the full story.

Also on the Times of India website:

Tomb raiders in Egypt had removed the ancient Pharaoh's mummified male reproductive organ and cut through his ribcage to steal a priceless jewel collar glued to his chest six decades back, according to a researcher.

"Tutankhamun was mummified with a penis, so it was an object of note. It is tomb robbing with a nasty twist," The Sun reported on Monday, quoting Dr Salima Ikram of Cairo University.

In fact, Dr Ikram, who believes the robbery happened during the Second World War, made the discovery after studying X-rays of the boy King taken in 1926 and then comparing them with scans from 1968.

Tutankhamun's tomb was poorly guarded during the war, and it is believed locals took advantage to steal his jewels, according to her.

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