Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Cairo landmarks restored

Ismaili Mail

His Highness the Aga Khan, His Excellency Farouk Hosni, Egypt’s Minister of Culture, Dr. Abdel Azim Wazir, the Governor of Cairo, inaugurated the restoration and revitalisation of two historic complexes in the city’s Darb al-Ahmar district.

The restoration of the fourteenth century Umm al Sultan Shabaan mosque and the Khayrebek complex, which encompasses a 13th century palace, a mosque and an Ottoman house, represent major steps in the revitalisation of Cairo’s Islamic City.

Speaking at the ceremony inaugurating the restored sites, the Aga Khan, who is spiritual leader of the world’s Shia Ismaili community, said the restoration work has helped bridge Cairo’s present with the era of its Fatimid Ismaili founders 1000 years ago.

“I have found that this endeavour has provided for me, personally, a profound sense of connection with my own ancestors, the Fatimid Caliphs, who founded Cairo and who laid its physical and cultural foundations 1000 years ago,” he said.

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