Friday, November 30, 2007

Tourism: Egypt Tourism Industry Set to Grow

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Egypt’s ancient beauty, efficient tourism infrastructure and strong government support are alluring the tourists from all over the world to explore this mysterious country of mummies.

RNCOS, the leading market research consulting services company, has recently published its comprehensive report “Egypt Tourism Sector Analysis” to present a rational analysis of the tourism industry of the North African country, Egypt. According to the report, the tourist influx in Egypt is expected to register growth at a CAGR of over 7% for the period 2007-2011.

As per the report, the rapid growth of the Egyptian tourism industry in future will be driven by strong government efforts. Besides long-standing tax holidays in select tourism areas for the investors, the Egyptian government has shown keen interest in the development of tourism industry, campaigning intensely in chief Gulf and European countries, and offering lucrative incentives to foreign operators.

Apart from the government initiatives, rising tourism sponsoring campaigns, such as “Egypt… the Incomparable” and “The Gift of the Sun”, geographical location, rising FDI, and increasing personal disposable income, coupled with favorable age group will add substantially to the future growth of the Egypt’s tourism industry.

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