Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exhibition: Egypt, Gift of the Nile going to Chatham (Canada)

The Chatham Daily News (Ellwood Shreve)

The Sulman mummy will have some company at the Chatham-Kent Museum for the next few months.

Egypt, Gift of the Nile, one of the Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) most popular travelling exhibits will be docked in Chatham until May 4.

"Our Egyptian program that we do around the (Sulman) mummy is still one of our most popular programs and this is just a nice extra to it," said Deanna Bullard, museum education co-ordinator.

She said people continue to be fascinated with the history of Egyptian civilization, including the fact they mummified their dead, had different curses and built the pyramids.

"There's that mystery," Bullard said.

The ROM's Egyptian exhibit came to the Chatham-Kent Museum eight years ago and Bullard said this may be the last time it is here because of the growing cost.

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The Chatham-Kent Museum has its own website, which has details about services and information.

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