Monday, April 28, 2008

Requests for information

1) Does anyone have an electronic copy of following article that I could get hold of? Neville Langton, "Bast— The Cat Goddess," Antiquarian Quarterly, vol. I, no. 4, Dec. 1925, pp. 93-4.

2) TT39 - Jane Akshar posted an item a couple of weeks ago on her Luxor News Blog about talking to a member of the TT39 team who said that TT39 (Puimre) would shortly have its own website. Delays to website projects are fairly run of the mill, but it should be up any day now if the original estimates were correct. I've had a hunt around the Web but found nothing that looks as though it belongs to the Mexican mission. If you learn that the website has come to life please let me know and I'll post the address and let Jane know too, if she doesn't find the info first.

Many thanks

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andie

Look in the V&A or the Sackler as they may hve it, have you looked in the British Library?