Friday, January 30, 2009

Exhibition: Mummies of the World: The Dream of Eternal Life

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American Exhibitions, Inc., in association with the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum of Mannheim, Germany, announced that the blockbuster exhibit Mummies of the World: The Dream of Eternal Life, the largest traveling exhibition of mummies and artifacts, will tour science centers and museums in the United States for a limited three year tour commencing July 2010.

"Never in history has there been such an important collection of mummies and artifacts," said Marcus W. Corwin, President and CEO of American Exhibitions, Inc. "This blockbuster exhibit is poised to bring record-breaking attendance to museums in its limited United States tour."

Dignified, reverent and scholarly, this unique collection brilliantly enhances our educational, scientific and cultural landscape, as mummification provides a window into the lives, history and cultures of every major region of the world.

"The largest mummy exhibition worldwide will include 70 human, animal and reptilian mummies gathered from the four corners of the world," said Dr. Wilfried Rosendahl, Curator of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum, Mannheim, Germany. "Visitors will embark on an exciting and historical journey around the globe, with mummies representing several continents and spanning thousands of years."

Unlike exhibits which feature only Egyptian mummies, this remarkable and compelling exhibition demonstrates the different processes of mummification and serves to educate visitors as to their respective cultures.

See the above page for more details. See also the Mummies of the World website.

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