Friday, January 30, 2009

Pyramids; Monuments to an Unknown God.

Theoretical Structural Archaeology (Geoff Carter)

All Pyramids are monuments to an unknown God, and in this respect they are all connected. The God in question is now called Gravity, and this makes pyramids, as a phenomenon, simple to understand.

Pyramids have been constructed on virtually every continent, and the reason is simple, it’s the tallest form of earth, brick, or stone structure that the God of Gravity will let you build, anywhere, anytime, - that’s the rules. This god’s laws, while not secret, transcended the understanding of most philosophical systems until 1687, when Isac Newton wrote them down. Sadly, in an age of enlightenment, Gravity had missed its chance to be deified.

Gravity was an unknown God; unlike the sun, the moon, the wind, or fire, it is unchanging, and so omnipresent - that no one noticed it was there. This God has no prophets, books, scrolls, or tablets. Nevertheless, it was dogmatic, showed no mercy, and did not respond to prayers or sacrifices. The God of Gravity has always destroyed the works of those who transgress its laws, and ultimately, it will crush all creation, - but that’s another story.

This makes Gravity a difficult Deity to treat with, and a good deal of circumspection is required. For architects and builders, the God of Gravity has but one simple rule ‘what goes up must come down’, and all those wishing to overt the inevitable collapse of their work for a decent period of time, are obliged to make a pact with this deity. The pact builders make is a simple one passed from generation to generation; Do not transgress the limits you have learnt, because if you stay within the limitations all should be well, but if you go beyond them - ‘on your own head be it’.

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