Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Photo by Bob Partridge (Ancient Egypt Magazine)

I am off into town to see the Byzantium exhibition today. As I hate going into town, and rarely do so, I may as well go and do some errands whilst I'm there so I am not sure what time I'll be back. This means that the blog won't be updated until tomorrow. To keep you going here is a lovely photograph by Bob, from the tomb of Menna.

Tomb of Menna (TT 69)

The tomb has its own website, put together by the team who worked there for several seasons.

If you have a VRML browser you can view a 3D reconstruction of the tomb at the Manchester Metropolitan University website (for technical info see their website)

With many thanks to Bob Partridge, Editor of Ancient Egypt Magazine.
Copyright Bob Partridge

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Anonymous said...

Very nice photo, is she wife of a paraoh?

I saw her
wife of paraoh