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Ancient Egypt Magazine August/September 2009

The August/September 2009 issue of “Ancient Egypt” magazine (published in the U.K.) is now available.

This issue is also available as an electronic version which can be found at the web site This may be useful for anyone with a broadband connection who may have difficulty in getting hold of a paper copy of the magazine, or who might want to see a copy before subscribing.

Contents of this issue include;

News from Egypt and the World of Egyptology: A larger-than-usual ‘From our Egypt Correspondent’ brings the latest news and information including reports on new work in the Valley of the Kings, on a new museum shortly to open at Kom Ombo and new discoveries in the Fayoum, at Karnak and at Taposiris Magna.

The Temple of El Tod and the Cult of Montu: Betty Schneider looks at the little-visited temple of the god Montu at El Tod, to the south of Luxor.

More on the Missing Sarcophagus of Menkaura: The sarcophagus of Menkaura, removed from his pyramid at Giza, was lost at sea on its way to the UK. It is, however, possible to restore the original appearance of this important object, virtually, as Jon Bodsworth reveals. Thierry Benderitter introduces his special web site about the tombs and mastabas of Egypt and explains how readers of AE can help in the site’s future development and content.

The Geology of Egypt: The geological history of Egypt is complicated. Geologist Colin Reader gives an overview of the way the Egyptian landmass evolved and how the very nature of the country affected the ancient civilisation.

The Egypt Exploration Society: In the fourth of a series of articles on the history and work of the Egypt Exploration Society, Dr. Judith Bunbury looks at the hard evidence for ancient climate change in Egypt and Sudan – Egypt and the Global Cooling Crisis.

Ancient Egypt at Highclere Castle: AE visits the new exhibition, which includes some splendid objects collected by the fifth Earl of Carnarvon and reveals much about his life and the Tutankhamun connection.

The Seth-Animal: a Dog and its master: Seth, one of Egypt’s earliest gods, has always been a conundrum; originally benign, he came to represent chaos and war. What has always been uncertain is the exact nature of the Seth animal. Ken Moss suggests a likely candidate.

PerMesut: in our regular feature for younger readers, Hilary Wilson looks at “Greeks, Wells and Shadows” and how to measure the height of a pyramid or the circumference of the Earth.

Net Fishing: our regular look at Egyptology on the Web, tracing the history of ancient Egypt. This issue Victor Blunden looks at the later Ramesside kings.

Postscript: AE visits the last inhabitants of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna and the last baby to ever be born there.

Coming articles include:-

Articles on travelling the Eastern Deserts of Egypt, on flooding and sealed tombs in the Valley of the Kings and on the important site of Napta Playa.

New Books featured in the June issue
  • The Red land: The illustrated archaeology of Egypt’s Eastern Desert, by Steven Sidebotham, Martin Hense and Hendrijke Nouwens..
  • A History of Egypt from Earliest Times to the Present, by Jason Thompson.
  • The Wabet: Tradition and Innovation on Temples of the Ptolemaic and Roman Period, by Filip Coppens.
  • Bonaparte in Egypt, by J. Christopher Herold.
  • Egyptian Temple Architecture: 100 years of Hungarian excavations in Egypt, 1907-2007, by Gyozo Voros.
  • Old and Middle Kingdom Theban Tombs, by Rasha Soliman.
  • Signs of Cleopatra: Reading an Icon Historically, by Mary Hamer.
  • The Reign of Cleopatra,, by Stanley M. Burnstein.
  • Isis in the Ancient World, by R.E. Witt.
  • Reading Ancient Egyptian Poetry Among Other Histories, by Richard Parkinson.
  • Middle kingdom Tomb Architecture at Lisht, by Dieter Arnold.
  • The Gold of Honour in New kingdom Egypt, by Susanne Binder.
  • Vernacular Mud-Brick Architecture in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, by Wolf Schijns.

(Previous book reviews can all be seen on the magazine’s web site,

Plus full Egyptology Society listings and UK lectures from August to October 2009 and listings of exhibitions and Egyptological events and now including listings of Egyptological Societies around the world..

Bob Partridge
Editor Ancient Egypt

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