Wednesday, August 12, 2009

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Volume 38 Issue 2 (September 2009)

There's an article in the above journal which may be of interst (available to subscribers or via payment for 24 hour access)

An Exploratory Geophysical Survey at the Pyramid Complex of Senwosret III at Dahshur, Egypt, in Search of Boats (p 386-399)
By Pearce Paul Creasman, Benjamin Vining, Samuel Koepnick, Noreen Doyle

A geophysical survey at the pyramid complex of Senwosret III at Dahshur sought to determine the suitability of magnetometry and electromagnetic induction (EMI, or conductivity) for mapping the area where several ancient boat-burials were found in the 1890s. At least one boat reported at the time of excavation remains unaccounted for. Tests demonstrated that magnetometry does detect subsurface structures of stone, fired brick, and unfired brick under current site conditions. Data indicated areas of geological activity as well as unexcavated archaeological remains, though no definitive traces of boat burials. No excavation was undertaken but another survey season is planned.

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