Thursday, December 31, 2009

Photo for Today: Essam and Nasr, Siwa 2008

Bonfires are not permitted in the desert areas with local wood because
insects and animals depend upon them. So you either take your own wood
or you wait until you are on the edges of civilization before you light one.
In this case we were on the outskirts of Siwa oasis and the drivers had gone into town
to replenish our supplies. They were donated a dead tree by a local shopkeeper
and they hauled this back to camp trailing along the ground, attached to the
kitchen car. It lasted for hours and hours and was a lovely end to the
desert camping, The next five nights back to Cairo via Siwa, Bahariya
and the Faiyum were spent in hotels.
We all missed the desert but - oh how I loved those showers!

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