Friday, January 22, 2010

Online Journal: BMSAES 14

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan 14

I've posted about BMSAES 14 in dribs and drabs but here's the entire volume, all available free of charge online from the above address.

The final issue of 2009 features two articles based on British Museum fieldwork in the Edfu area, and another on epigraphic work at Tombos in Sudan, with publication of related material in museums in Cairo and Khartoum.

More details on British Museum fieldwork in the Nile Valley and research projects on the collection

The two papers by Veldmeijer continue a series on ancient Egyptian footwear, and include detailed discussion and photography of several sandals and shoes held in the British Museum.

Finally, the Hawkins paper presents a new interpretation of two Amarna letters, with fantastic photography of the tablets kindly provided by colleagues in the Egyptian Museum (Cairo) and the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Berlin).

The final tranche of records have been uploaded to the Collection database online, which now holds records for 1,838,067 objects in the British Museum, of which 477,018 have associated photographs. New photography is being added to the database on a regular basis. High-resolution photographs are available free of charge, for non-commercial uses, which includes academic publications.

Finally, the subject-related web resources pages of the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan have been updated, including new links, allowing access to a range of online resources relating to the cultures of the Nile Valley, past and present.

Neal Spencer

Kom el-Farahy: a New Kingdom Island in an evolving Edfu floodplain
Judith M. Bunbury, Angus Graham and Kristian D. Strutt

The British Museum epigraphic survey at Tombos: the stela of Usersatet and Hekaemsasen
W. Vivian Davies

The British Museum expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu, 2009
W. Vivian Davies and Elisabeth R. O’Connell

The Arzawa letters in recent perspective
J. David Hawkins

Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear. Technological Aspects. Part VII. Coiled Sewn Sandals
André J. Veldmeijer

Studies of ancient Egyptian footwear. Technological aspects. Part XII. Fibre shoes
André J. Veldmeijer

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