Friday, July 30, 2010

Distance learning BA in Egyptology?

Facebook - We want an Online BA in Egyptology

Thanks for Jane Akshar for letting me know that there is a new Facebook site which has been set up to explore the level of enthusiasm for an online distance-learning BA. in Egyptology. Manchester University are assessing the possibility of establishing one but will need some idea of the numbers it is likely to attract. This unofficial site is hoping to get some idea of those numbers. If you would be interested please have a look at their Facebook site. Here's the introduction:

Manchester University have started to look into doing an online BA in Egyptology. They have done this because of pressure from students of the Certificate in Egyptology who wanted to carry on with their studies.

I believe there is a great demand for this course and thought it might be a good idea to give them an idea of potential numbers. Also what issues would be of concern to students e.g. cost, full or part time.

So if you would like to do an online BA in Egyptology join up. This is not an official page of Manchester University.


Unknown said...

Even though I live in Australia and have the exceptional Egyptology faculty under Prof Kanewati at Macquarie University reasonably close by, I would welcome the chance to do a BA in the discipline by distance learning.
I am 68 and retired and the need to attend University on a regular basis does not suit my lifestyle responsibilities. However a distance learning course would allow me to do it at my own pace and in my available time.
Thank you. I hope it comes to pass.

Frederico said...

This would be fascinating to participate in! I've always been really interested in Egyptology.

Sharon said...

A long distance learning BA would be amazing - I'm currently looking into it and, coming across this page, I'm guessing there aren't any long distance Egyptology BAs at present?

gnodtkeh said...

I would sign up immediately but only if BA offered would open opportunity to advance further to MA and PHD level